Friday, February 26, 2010

Challenge 4 & 5!! :D

Challenge 4 was a work together challenge where we had to make ATC cards... I didn't like it very much, I don't think that will become my "thing", lol...

Anyhow, here's our 4 cards all on one layout:
Image Hosted by

For challenge 5, we had to have chocolate and 6 things off the recipe list as a minimum, and then we could add whatever else we wanted... SO, my 6 things were: tree, 2 papers, flower, alpha, stitches, and staple.
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Thanks for looking!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Challenge 3!! :D

This challenge required us to selectively recolor a photo, use a date element, and have at least 20 words of journaling!!

I made this page for my friend Edith, who came all the way from Montana to be my Maid of Honor for my wedding!!

Image Hosted by

I used In The Middle Templates by ChrissyW.
I used Touch of Elegance by Lindsay Jane.
I used "Date Stamped" by Britt-ish Designs.


It Starts!! :D

Well, we have a week under our belts in this year's race!!

Challenge 1 was to do a layout that teaches us something about your partner! So, I decided to teach you this about Linda:
Image Hosted by

It also had to be a scraplift of either a layout of Linda's or of Linda's Choice, this one is a scraplift of a layout she chose!! :D

I used a lovely kit called Waiting by Designs by Tina! You can get it at Enchanted Studio Scraps!! :D

Challenge 2 was 5 things I love about... whatever! We had to have 5 pictures, and one of the pictures had to have a #5 in it! Also, we had to use 5 of a certain element! I chose frames! :D
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For this one, I used my new kit, Sweet Love!! You can also get it at Enchanted Studio Scraps!! :D

Happy Racing!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We did finish!! LOL...

So, it looks like last year, I never posted up all the different layouts from the last few challenges for the race... I decided to really be ready for this year by posting the last of the layouts from last year!!

Challenge 10 was for one partner only, I think... The partner who was doing the layout had to scrap the photos that were provided by the other partner... Well it was something like that, lol... So, here's the page I made for Linda with all her amazing daughters!! :D
Image Hosted by

Challenge 11 was about simplicity. We were supposed to use just one photo and ask someone a question. Elements were allowed, but I cracked myself up by simply making this:
Image Hosted by

Challenge 12 was from We are StoryTellers and we were supposed to use both of our pictures on the layout and write about why we digital scrapbook... Also, this was a layout we worked on together, by passing it back and forth digitally over email!!
Image Hosted by

There was a bonus challenge where we were supposed to make layouts that fit together and we were given very specific things to put on both sides of the page... So, I made us a template to use which would allow Linda to do the left page and myself to do the right...
So, here's the template I made:
Image Hosted by

And, here's Linda's Left side layout:
Image Hosted by

And my right side layout:
Image Hosted by

And, that was the sad end of the race! We had a super fun time!! And, we can't wait for this years' race to start!! :D


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Challenge 9!! :D

Here's my layout for Challenge 9:
Image Hosted by

Wow!! This was a fun page to do, hard but fun!!

The bottom right hand side is the first of 4 generations on this page. These are my grandparents who split up many years ago, before I could even remember. So, it's almost odd to me to see their young faces so close together. Above them, and the top photo on the right are their 3 children. The black and white photo is them as children and the color photo is the last picture (that I know about) of the three of them together before my mom (the one on the left in both photos) passed away. Below them is a photo of the third and fourth generations at the time of this photo. There are 5 grand children and 1 great grandchild so far!

My metal piece is the frame my grandmother is in. I think the flowers are pretty visible. I'm counting the sheet music and instruments as my retro items if the metal piece can't count as both. The lace is the purple that is poking out above and below the photo mattes.

To create this layout I used the following items:
Template by Sir Scrapalot
My Shabby Day mini by Wendy Page
Vintage Garden Fairies by Dani and Shabby Miss Jenn
Comfy Cozy by Wendy Page and Chaos Lounge
Perfect Pitch by Dan Morris (I recolored and aged these a bit)
Singing the Blues alpha by Microferk (also recolored)



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Challenge 7 & 8!! :D

I'm having so much fun with the ADSR!! :D Challenge 8 was to do a Scraplift of one of our Scrapbooking Idol's layouts!! :D I had to go searching for an idol, but I found one, and a great one!! :D

I ended up making two layouts, because the first one went in it's own direction in a major way and couldn't get the word dream to match the theme... Here they are! :D

This layout:
Image Hosted by

was scraplifted from this layout here! Everything here except the strings is by Microferk!! The strings are CU by Bannerwoman!

This layout (which is the one I actually entered for Challenge 8:
Image Hosted by

was scraplifted from this layout here!
for the background, overlays by Amanda Rockwell and Atomic Cupcake. the felt stars are CU by Miss Tiina, the lined paper matte is by Cindy Doerksen, the lined paper, heart ribbon, wire frame, pink frame (I colored it), and wire alpha are from Pure Love by Luiza Garay, glitter plastic frame by Cathy Ann Designs, dreams alpha, and glitter spots (I desaturated them) from Tween by Libby Weifenbach, and stitched circle by Kari Henzelt.

Oh, and my challenge 7 layout, I don't think I posted that either!! (I was waiting for Linda to catch up!!) ;)

Image Hosted by

For this I used:
Template by Mrs. Wresh
All the required pieces from Sunshine Studio (The photo mattes are the darker paper from the kit)
I made the other pieces you see: the ric racs, the tag, and the blue paper on the strips...

It is so kewl to look at all of these in the gallery and see what all the different people have made just using this one kit!! REALLY KEWL!! :D


Monday, January 26, 2009

WOW, I'm feeling like a blog hog!

LOL, that's what I get for slacking off on my posting. Heres my page for challenge 7.

We had to use all elements in a kit provided by Sunshine Studios. I recolored (or actually removed the color) from some of the elements and used a pic of my youngest daughter Stephanie in her new glasses. I had just played with this picture the night before and planned on making a page of her "rose colored glasses" over the weekend. How's that for perfect timing? I guess some times it pays to slack off. :)

I'll quit hogging the blog now, time to relax and slack off a little more.